ebIX Seminar, Brussels, April 23, 2007

April 23, 2007

ebIX Seminar, Brussels, April 23, 2007

"Harmonized data exchange for the EU internal market"

Panel Discussion in the ebIX Seminar, from left to right: Hugo Dekeyser, ebIX, Belgium; Petter Sandoy, Eurelectric, Norway; Tahir Kapetanovic, e-control, Austria; Matti Supponen, European Commission DG TREN; Konstantin Staschus, ebIX and VDN, Germany (moderator)

ebIX Seminar in Brussels a success

On April 23, 2007, ebIX organised a seminar in Brussels to carry the discussion on data exchange standards for the liberalised Internal energy market to the policy makers. Time and place were chosen carefully such that a 2-day retail conference organised by Eurelectric started immediately after the ebIX seminar in the same hotel. During the Eurelectric conference, data exchange issues were also discussed extensively from a policy perspective. The ebIX seminar gave conference participants the opportunity to explore data exchange questions even more in-depth.

A total of 28 participants listened to the presentations and had lively discussions on the importance of harmonised data exchange standards for a functioning EU-wide market and for customer choice, on last obstacles still to be overcome, e.g. with respect to balancing markets, and on the risks of stranded IT investments for countries that diverge too much from common approaches.



Download presentation: Data Exchange Harmonization from the Regulatory Perspective, Tahir Kapetanovic, E-Control

Download presentation: Overview of ebIX work - Goals and results to date, Konstantin Staschus, Ph.D. VDN - Association of German Network Operators, ebIX Forum

Download presentation: The importance of effective and harmonised data exchange for the Internal Energy Market, Matti Supponen, Electricity and Gas unit