Report from 01-04-2014 ebIX® Forum spring meeting 2014 is published

April 2, 2014

ebIX® Forum meeting March 26th 2013

Some selected news:

  • ebIX® welcomes Poland as a new member country.
  • Fingrid has new responsibilities for the downstream market in Finland, valid from autumn 2013. With this background, Fingrid discusses a possible membership in ebIX®.
  • ebIX® approved the latest version of the  Harmonized Electricity Role Model from ebIX®, EFET and ENTSO-E, which is expected to be published soon.
  • ebIX® Forum approved a new project proposal to align the current ebIX® models to include gas
  • ebIX® is participating in the EU-project M490, which are looking into smart grid standards. Among others ebIX® is introducing the Harmonized Electricity Role Model and available ebIX® models.
  • A set of Business Requirements Specifications have been updated and published this winter:
    • Change of Supplier
    • Change of Balance Responsible Party
    • Change of Metered Data Responsible
    • Change of Transport Capacity Responsible Party
    • Customer Move
    • End of Supply
    • End of Metered Data Responsible
    • Notify MP Characteristics
    • Request MP Characteristics
    • Query MP Characteristics
  • ebIX will focus more on the business models and will explore new developments.
  • ebIX® seeks to continue the cooperation with other bodies working in the same field, such as ENTSO-E, IEC, Eurelectric and EDSO