Welcome to the website of ebIX

ebIX is a European platform in which TSO’s, DSO’s, suppliers and regulators work together

The purpose of ebIX, the European forum for energy Business Information eXchange, is to advance, develop and standardise the use of electronic information exchange in the energy industry. Therefore, ebIX provides standardised and harmonised processes for the liberalised downstream electricity and gas markets with the focus on information exchange, following EU rules and allowing national customisation.

The ebIX models are based on the Harmonised Role Model. The main focus of the ebIX modelling is on interchanging administrative data between different players on the internal European markets for electricity and gas. ebIX covers the needs for the retail market (downstream) and the interface to the wholesale market (upstream).

The modelling process ebIX uses includes setting up Business Requirement Specifications (BRS’s) for the different intercompany market processes and associated information exchange, especially between the regulated and the liberalised market players. This work is mainly done by two working groups (MDS and EMD) involving representatives from all participating countries to ensure business needs based on best of breed and experiences. Occasionally project groups may be formed to perform a special task.
Based on the business needs the ebIX Technical Committee (ETC) develops Business Information Models (BIM’s). The resulting information exchange can be generated into xml schema’s. All documents and messages are generated from the ebIX core UML model, kept in a tool and available for members. The modelling is based on open, international standards as from UN/CEFACT, OMG and IEC.

ebIX will follow the rules of the European Union where applicable. ebIX models are tuned for customization when implemented in a national market.