Welcome to the website of ebIX®

Note: ebIX® has decided to close down by the end of 2023. However, this web site will be available until the end of 2026.

ebIX® was founded in 2002 by a set of European TSOs and national energy organisations with the task to standardise electronic information exchange in the European downstream energy market. Despite that the ebIX® deliverables are widely used in multiple countries, ebIX® never became a formally EU-acknowledged body. With the start of the DSO Entity, ebIX® holds the position that the DSO Entity should take over the ebIX® tasks and deliverables, since the DSO Entity has a formal EU mandate on the appropriate domain.

The ebIX® Forum has encouraged to hand over the ebIX® knowledge and deliverables to the DSO Entity and the Joint working group between the DSO Entity and ENTSO-E for further development and maintenance. This includes the ebIX® reference model, ebIX® BRSs, etc.

Memo - consequences of closure of ebIX®