ebIX® working group for Master Data Structuring and harmonisation in the European energy market (MDS)

The MDS working group has been closed down and the responsibility for MDS has been transferred to the ebIX® Business Group (EBG).

The vision of the MDS working group is to model processes for the structuring phase of the energy market with the following scope:

  • Focus on the automated exchange of business documents in processes of the energy market
  • Main topic is structuring processes, such as:
    • Master data for metering Points, Metering Configuration, Parties, Areas,
    • Switching of roles, such as for Change of Suppliers, Customer Move and Change of Balance Responsible Parties, etc.
  • Recommend common procedures that make the processes compliant with EU regualtions and harmonised between the participating European countries.
  • Define common standards for data interchange that can automate the structuring processes.

During the spring ebIX Forum meeting 2017, the CuS (Customer Switching) working group was renamed to MDS working group.