ebIX Technical Committee

The ebIX Technical Committee (ETC) is a permanent working group under ebIX Forum. The group is responsible for the technical part of the standards and ebIX Forum can authorise it to approve modifications to the standards

The tasks of the ETC are:

  • Maintain the ebIX technical documents, which includes:
    • A methodology based on international standards, such as UMM (UN/CEFACT Modelling Methodology)
    • Tools and rules for helping ebIX working groups work
    • Registries/repositories for Core Components, code lists, templates, etc.
  • Harmonise information interchange principles with other standardisation bodies, such as ETSO and EFET
  • Participate in international standardisation organisations, such as UN/CEFACT
  • Administrate Data Maintenance Requests (DMRs) to international standardisation organisations, such as UN/CEFACT
  • Be responsible for publication of its activities and results as ebIX information.
  • Organise implementation support for the ebIX standards.

Related documents: 

- Terms of reference for ETC

- Rules for ETC version 1.2.C