ebIX® Distributed Flexibility Project

The steady increase in relevance of distributed electricity generation and of e-mobility over the last years affect the requirements for the operational infrastructure and processes and the required market information exchange. The features of distributed generation regard not only its increased sustainability, but also the fact that it is less predictable and controllable. Consequently, it will also increase the interdependence between processes on distribution and on transmission level. The role of aggregation is becoming more defined and the need and use of flexibility products and demand response is rapidly evolving, stimulated by the EU’s Clean Energy Package. There is a growing consensus that the use of (often yet unreleased) flexibility is key for an efficient and sustainable electricity system.

Since there are already emerging initiatives of demand side flexibility, it is now time to offer standardised processes, which will accelerate the flexibility market by harmonising the processes. These processes will ease the access for the roles of Aggregators and help System Operators and other market roles to allow flexibility actors in existing and new products.

ebIX Overview of energy flexibility services v1rOB

Terms of Reference (ToR) for the ebIX® distributed flexibility project

Phase II of the ebIX® Distributed Flexibility Project started in 2020. The aim of the project is to model the “prepare and aggregate” and “quantify and settle” business processes.

Project plan distributed flexibility project phase II