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EBG Survey DataHub v1r3 20220914.pdf In spring 2019 the ebIX® member countries answered a questionnaire (see "EBG Survey DataHub v1r1 20190607" below) trying to find a good basis for the ebIX® Role-To-Role (HUB) Project and to get a common understanding of the meaning of a DataHub. The result was published June 7, 2019. In spring 2022 a new survey was sent to the ebIX® members, triggered by a discussion in Germany related to the possible introduction of a German datahub. September 14, 2022
Survey - Usage of gas areas in various countries v1r0A 20211022.pdf


This survey shows which areas that are used in data exchange in the gas sector in various European countries, such as Aggregated Reception Station, Calorific Value Area and/or Temperature Zone. October 25, 2021

EBG Survey Supplier of Last Resort 20201102

This survey has been prepared to show how different countries handle situations when consumer loses its main Energy supplier (for example it got bankrupt) and activation of Supplier of Last Resort (SoLR) is needed. November 2, 2020

EBG Survey Billing countries 20201009

A survey prepared by the ebIX® combined grid and supply billing project, showing how combined grid and supply billing is implemented in various countries. October 9, 2020

Survey Supliers change within 24 hours 20200224

The document shows what is implemented or planned implemented in the ebIX® member countries regarding special conditions (restrictions, payments etc.) for change of supplier February 24, 2020

Move Out-Move In interim period 20191220

This survey describes how the possible interim period between the old Customer move out and the new Customer move in is handled in various European countries. January 2, 2020

EBG Survey Various Questions v1r3 20200106

This survey answers questions about how the following matters are handled in various European countries:

- Login methods/IDs used on Consumer Portals
- Metering data precision
- Data Hub process cancellation
- Plans for joining Energy Data Access Alliance
- Pre-paid meters
- Place of energy distribution costs calculation

January 6, 2020

EBG Survey DataHubv1r1 20190607:

The document lists some characteristic of datahubs that are planned or operating in some of the European ebIX® member countries:

- Organizational issues
- Financing
- Security issues
- Customer involvement
- Questions about the processes
- Official reporting
- Technical issues

June 7, 2019

MDS study - Interfering processes

Presentation for ebIX Forum 20170703 - Interfering Processes v2 20231212

This document contains scenarios of how interfering energy market processes are handled in the ebIX member countries.

May 8, 2017 

List of possibilities for a move in past

This document lists possibilities for a move in and out in the past, in the national process, in the countries participation in the ebIX® MDS working group.

September 19, 2017 

Smart meter reading method

There are different ways to determine the read logged in the register of a meter. This memo shows what type of method is used in ebIX® member countries for calculating the net registered energy flow per registering interval in a smart meter.

June 21, 2017

ebIX Study - multiple suppliers at one connection v2r1B 20231211

Presentation for ebIX Forum 20170703 - ebiX Study on multiple suppliers at one connection update v2 20231212

ebIX® study for how to handle Metering Points (MP) when there is more than one supplier and/or Balance Responsible Party in a connection, such as for MPs with both consumption and small scale production.  


June 26, 2017