ebIX® Customer Consent Project


  • The GDPR enforces explicit Customer Consent before exchanging privacy related data from the Customer to parties that do not have access to data by other legal reasons.
  • Ongoing IEC WG16 project “My Energy Data”:
    “make a generic description of services to offer customers (residential, municipalities, …) the possibility of downloading their energy consumption information and granting access to third parties to that information to enable service providers to offer analytical and other services to customers (residential, municipalities, …)”.
  • The project is initiated by EU Smart Grid Task Force (SGTF) / Expert Group 1 (EG1) and CENELEC. The result is meant to be a European standard that can be followed by all European countries.
  • The scope of that project is currently distribution of metered data;
  • ebIX® sees a strong need to properly model customer consent (with the consequence of how to handle third parties in a Metering Point administration).

With the eminent short time need for it, using the ebIX expertise on master data to fill in the gap that seems to exist in the EU working groups to properly model Customer Consent.

Deliver on short notice a harmonised model for information exchange related to Customer Consent within the European energy market, obtained and maintained as master data.

Information exchange related to (use of) Customer Consent within the European energy market.

ebIX® BRS for how to obtain and maintain Customer Consent.

Business people understanding processes related to access data.

Proposed way of working

  • 2 two-day “face-to-face” meetings;
  • Skype/GoToMeeting when possible;
  • Focus on homework.

Start: ASAP;
End:  August 2018;