ebIX® Business Group (EBG)

The ebIX® Business Groups is controlling all business activities and is maintaining all ebIX® business documents.

Role and tasks for EBG
The ebIX® Business Group has the following role and tasks:

  • Defining and guiding new business oriented projects within ebIX®:
    • EBG will be acting as a kind of umbrella for the ebIX® Forum for all business projects;
    • EBG prepares new project proposals that, based on the priorities and decisions of the ebIX® Forum, may lead to projects to be done by new project groups;
      • Project proposals (incl. time plan) will be send to the ebIX® Forum for decision and act as a call for participation;
      • There should be at least 4 participating countries to start a new project;
      • There must at least be 2 EBG members in each project;
      • Preference is that EBG provides the chair for the project groups.
    • Project groups report to EBG and the results (products like BRS’s, models etc.) of a project group are handed over to EBG;
    • EBG will do smaller projects;
    • EBG will act as a project coordinator that keeps track of all ebIX® business work and reports to the ebIX® Forum.
  • Maintain developed business documents:
    1. EBG will be responsible for maintenance of all business documents developed by ebIX®.
  • Various
    • EBG can make surveys among participating countries on different subjects for different reasons, such as for better understanding of the different markets, the usage of ebIX models or in preparation of new projects.

Working structure
The EBG will have regular meetings and if necessary have teleconference meetings. The meeting frequency of EBG will be like 4 – 6 meetings per annum. Meetings will be hosted by members on a circulating basis.

EBG will have a convenor and a secretary appointed by the ebIX® Forum.

Terms of Reference (ToR) for the ebIX Business Group